New Cat Products: December 2011

A few new cat products on the market:

SisalAngle Cat Scratcher: Worldwise's SisalAngle Cat Scratcher contains
tightly wovan sisal rope on a stable, wooden base, set at a slant for good
scratch traction. The product comes with SmartyKat Cettified Organic Catnip
Purrtreesorts: Cattitude presents Purrtreesorts which are designed to
replicate outdoor trees. They providing hours of climbing, scratching, playing
along with relaxation and comfort to indoor felines. The trees feature
removable carpets, swiveling perches, camouflaged food and water bowls
for placement on any of the multiple perches. The tree comes apart in 4
sections and is approximately 4 ft high.
SmartyKat BrushUp self grooming Post: Worldwise introduces a new
BrushUp self grooming post that si covered with hundred of flexible,
silicone bristles for cats to rub against. The bristles pull away and capture
loose fur while also offering a feel good massage. A directional microfiber
fabric on the base works like a lint brush to ensure that any fur falling from
the post is trapped there.
Tennis Ball Fish: Kong's Tennis Ball Fish combines cat sized tennis balls
with soft feather plumes, tempting cats to stalk and chase the toy. Hidden
inside is Kong's premium North American catnip. The toy comes in pastel
colors of green, pink and purple.
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